What I did lately

Hello people ! Hope you’re all doing well! Finally, I decided to write a mix match of everything i did lately. As you may have noticed, i was not very consistant in my blog writing this week. I started a blog and , two weeks later, just have written two articles. Well, that could happen. I knew … [Read more...]

Ratatouille casserole

Hey all! Today I am back with my first ever recipe on the blog. As I told you before, I have one big passion in life wich  is cooking delicious meals (or at least I believe they are yummy). The first recipe I will be sharing with you will have a french flair and a summery hint. It is all about … [Read more...]

Getting ready for a 10K

Today, I woke up with the strong feeling of wanting to achieve something. I have been running for some time now, but i have never participated in a race. Well today is the day i signed up for my first 10K!!   Yes i am going to run my first 10K on october 13th in Rennes , France! How exciting is … [Read more...]

About & first article

Hello to all!   Fellow blogreaders, friends and visitors!   This is my first ever blog article and hopefully not the last. First let me introduce myself. My name is Marie and I am a twentysomething girl living in Paris, France. I try to become a doctor and am now proudly entering my fourth … [Read more...]

XOXO Marie-Elise