Life in pictures – Walking through paris

Hey people !! hope you’re all doing great! I am :). this week I decided to join the fun of a new series hold by the lovely Linda. It is perfect for when you don’t want to write a wordy post but you do want to share tidbits of your life. Exactly the way I feel today, so here I go and share some pictures of my week.

The game is to guess what happened it my week just by looking at the pictures, have fun!


Fit Fed and Happy

Walking around:










Eating and well… the snack drawer were I work…:





And that’s it for this week ! see you another time maybe 🙂

if you wanna join the fun here are the rules, be sure to check out linda’s site!


  • Add the blog button to post each time you join the link up! Optionally, you can also add the blog button to your sidebar to feature your own collection of LIP posts.
  • Participate, don’t just add your link and leave. Spread the love! Comment on at least2otherpeople’slinkups and follow theco-hostson on social media.
      • #LIPlinkup : When commenting, tweeting, facebooking, pinning,  instagramming, etc, let them know where you’re coming from by using the hash tag. For example, “Hey Ashley! Amazing workout #LIPlinkup” or “I just added my post to the #LIPlinkup, check     it out here: POSTHERE.COM”
      • Always include a brief description of what the blog button is about before bombarding your readers with pictures right off the bat; that will leave them blinking and speechless because they have no idea what the !@#$ you’re posting!


And to finish, did you guess at which places i went to in Paris ?

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4 Replies to “Life in pictures – Walking through paris”

  1. Linda @ Fit Fed and HappyNo Gravatar says: Reply

    1. Is that the Effiel Tower?

    2. Is that couscous?

    3. I love old vintage towns! Do you live here, or were you just touring? It looks so historical, like it tells a story.


    1. yes that is the eiffel tower ! and the other old building is paris city hall ! i have the chance to live in paris and as i work only mornings i try to walk around town now that the weather is nice.

      the last food pictured is a mezze, a lebanese dish that has hummus, baba ganoush tabouleh and so on. but you were not very far with couscous 😉

  2. Natalie WesterNo Gravatar says: Reply

    Those pictures are beautiful. Paris seems like a dream to go to. 🙂 And uh, the food looks good! Are those MnMs I spy? 😉

    1. Yep ! they are m&m’s 😉

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