Five things friday – Five things about me

Hey and another friday is here again :).  Today I wanna share some random facts about me. Because I love reading about my fellow bloggers lifes, I want to give you some excerpts of mine.

Thanks Clare for hosting FIve things friday! So here we go with five facts about me


1. I love travelling !

As a little kid, foreign languages and geography where my favorite classes. At a very young age, I already wanted to visit every other country in the world. Growing older, I took every opportunity that I found to discover new places. And by new places everything is fine to me, even a city 30km from my hometown where I have never been. I have been to 13 of the 27 european countries by now :), and some of them I have visited two or three times.

But most of all, I loooooooove planning road trips. I visited the west coast road tripping, croatia, some parts of France and Tuscany. And I would love to share some of it with you. But for the moment, here are some pictures of my most recent trips, Budapest and Mallorca.




2. I love cheese!

I could honestly live from only cheese and wine. Those are my two favorite foods ever ( yes, wine is a food). This sounds so very french haha.



3. I have my own office at work (the most interesting fact about my life^^)

Okay, I am already laughing about myself for posting this on the internet. Make fun of me, I am proud !! I am just joking. You probably read somewhere that I am a medschool student. And I am doing a rotation this summer in the endocrinology department. For one month I am helping out at the “day hospital” , don’t know how you might call that. Its a hospital wing where people with a chronic illness (in my case diabetes) come for a day to have a medical exam and a bunch of other exams.

They all come on a yearly basis and those exams will help us to know if their illness is progressing. Basically I see one or two patients for one hour every morning, writing notes and examining them. And for that reason I have a “box” with my own exam table, and my own desk :). Normally, when you do rotations it is in hospital wards where you share an office with the residents or the other rotation students. Having my own one for a month is quite fancy !



4. I would love to have a dog!

I love dogs. And I would love to have a dog on my own. But, I live in a small apartment, and I am afraid that if I have a dog he might feel lonely all day long. Plus, I don’t know If I am mature enough to take care of a dog :). Any thoughts? how did you feel before getting a dog (if you have a dog of course)? And how did it went when the dog was there?


5. This week  I did not workout

There, I said it. It is really hot this week and I don’t own an AC, so no workout this week. And you know what. It doesn’t matter. I go to work by public transport, so I do walk a lot on a daily basis, and I think it’s okay if you don’t workout everyday. Living a healthy lifestyle is not only about sweating, it can be all other sorts of things too ;).

And to finish,

Tell me a random fact about yourself!

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  1. Christine@ Apple of My EyeNo Gravatar says: Reply

    I’m so unbelievably jealous that you can take road trips to places like France! I’ve been there a good number of times, but the flights is so draining and expensive. And I would love a dog as well! Kyle (my boyfriend) and I have been discussing breeds since we’ll probably be getting one in the next year or two. SO EXCITING!

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