What to visit in Barcelona in one day

Hey guys ! Today I am going to talk a bit about another passion of mine : travelling. I have explored quite a lot yet, mostly in Europe and North america, but never documented those. So let's start with my latest trip to date : Barcelona! In July ( hot hot july) , I went to Barcelona for 2 … [Read more...]

Currently – February 2018

Hey guys, I am back again. I don't know how long this will last  but my blogging motto has came back. Nothing's really new recently but things are starting to settle in my new home , and there will be some updates soon on this front. But for now I have a little currently post prepared for you. I … [Read more...]

Living the adult life – buying a house

So we did it ; me and the boyfriend are homeowners since  a month now ! And it is great :). It's wonderful to  be able to come home everyday and enjoy being in the garden.  We are very grateful to call our new house a home and loved the experience of finding a house. But I must warn you, … [Read more...]

Life lately – A quick update on the last year

howdy how , how are you all doing ? Like always :), I kind a sorta forgot about my little space of the internet for a little while. But when summer comes I feel the urge the need to reconnect with technology , is that weird? with it being summer and people wanting to be … [Read more...]

Daytrip to Reims

Hey guys ! I hope the summer treats you right wherever your reading from me ! I am back with a little daytrip for you all. In the midst of my 3 month studying for my big ECN exam ( which happened actually last june ^^)  I really wanted a break from all of it. I did not wanted to take a whole … [Read more...]

Thinking out loud – Residency and lemons

Hey guys   Hope you are all doing well today ? It's thursday and today is the day of Thinking out loud , hosted by the lovely Amanda at running with spoons. If you're not familiar with the concept go over to Amanda's blog to know more about the subject.   Today I have some … [Read more...]

14 good things about 2014 – 15 better things about 2015!

  So today I’ll join the fun of thinking out loud. Let’s be a little reflective over the past year. II know, I know it's 2015 already ... but I have been thinking about all the good things that happened last year and so I thought this little list would be fun to review my past year and be … [Read more...]

25 things you don’t know about me

  Hey people, it’s friday again! Today I was in the mood for filling a survey since I love reading them on other people’s blog. I read this one on tina’s, julie’s and Diana’s blog already and decided to give it a shot as always Because it’s friday, I am linking up with clare at fitting … [Read more...]

Health goals

Hey people ! Here I am again ! I hope you all had a super weekend :). I went to my inlaws and it was a refreshing and nice weekend. Sadly, I did not take any pictures (oops blogger failure). But that is not important because I have other great stuff to share. It’s been a while now since I try … [Read more...]

Five things friday – Five things about me

Hey and another friday is here again :).  Today I wanna share some random facts about me. Because I love reading about my fellow bloggers lifes, I want to give you some excerpts of mine. Thanks Clare for hosting FIve things friday! So here we go with five facts about me   1. I love … [Read more...]

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