Currently – February 2018

Hey guys, I am back again. I don’t know how long this will last  but my blogging motto has came back. Nothing’s really new recently but things are starting to settle in my new home , and there will be some updates soon on this front.

But for now I have a little currently post prepared for you. I don’t know about you but I love reading them on other blogs to get a little sneak peak behind the scenes of other peoples lives. And since it’s been a long time, I am linking up with amanda at running with spoons for  thinking out loud.

Currently I am…


on a roulé sur la terre” which translates into : ” we have rode on the earth“. It’s a traveler’s book. I love reading stories about long travels and adventures. I hope I will have the chance to travel the world one day too. This book is about two friends who decided to do a world tour with their bikes. It’s a diary style kind of book and for now I really like it. It’s a refreshing read.

Moreover, Sylvain Tesson , one of the authors has written a lot of travel books. If you’re into this kind of books, go check it out, it’s worth a read

Watching :

13 reasons why. Have you seen it ? I loved it ! I binge watched it during my free time in a week. For those who haven’t seen it. It takes place in a high school setting, and raises different strong subjects  : harassment, bullying, rape, suicide etc.. It’s sucks you in really fast and the way the episodes are made makes you want to watch the whole season in one night.

Each episode is centered around another character and you always want to know what happens next. The end is quite strange but is made for raising question marks . All in all i loved this show ! Go watch it , now

Listening to :

classical piano music. There is something about piano music that is quite fascinating. I really like to listen to it while I am reading a book or trying to study, it helps with concentration… I think !



Loving :


the olympic winter games ! It’s a bummer that it takes place so far from my home in France. It is kind of difficult to watch it on prime time… I watched some of the gigs once I already knew how well the french team placed but oh well when you love a sport. I especially looooove watching the figure skating competition. It also has to do with the fact that I myself are doing some figure skating as a hobby.


Looking forward to : spring !!!


Normandy has been wet, very wet this winter. I am really looking forward for higher temperatures but most of all for more sunny weather ! I am longing for days where I can go running outside . Please , come fast little sun !

Spring is also when me and my boyfriend’s birthdays take place. Looking forward for celebration and parties to come 🙂

And that’s all for now

What are you watching/ reading / looking forward to ?


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