Weekend Recap – Paris , sofas and indian food

Hey guys

How is your day going so far ? good ? Did you had a great weekend ? I sure as hell had. I heard some of you had a day off with labor day today, I hope you enjoyed the extra time off of work.

It was my first golden weekend in a while and tried to live it out at the fullest. Not familiar with a golden weekend ? Try to be a resident and you’ll know :p . It’s actually a two day off weekend, which is quite rare in the medical field.


So this weekend started off with a niece friend encounter in a bar. there where lots of drinks, some good food and some good fun. The place we went to was “pause café” rue de Charonne and honestly it was way better than expected. Good food, good cocktails and good prices for paris too. I recommend it with a big group of friends (they had lot’s of inside and outside place quite rare for paris).




Some views from the café ; nice and old school


After a nice friday night, saturday was meant to look for a new sofa for our new home. We kind of toured all the big home decoration stores of paris and took it as very important to test out every sofa in the stores. 😀 we had a lots of fun looking at sofas and decorations and found all the things we need for our living room. I’d say it was a productive afternoon!

After raiding all the stores of paris, we were more than ready to eat, and so we went to bollynan, in the nice district of the 2nd arrondissement the paris.


In the midst of all the french boutique there is a street called rue montorgeuil full of restaurants with terraces. I greatly encourage you to go there if you can, the restaurants are often great and the ambiance is lovely. We stumbled across this nice little lunch place and I couldn’t be more pleased.


They offer freshly cooked indian food, with great ingredients ( label rouge, bio…) at a very reasonable price for paris.

Look at my plate, It’s mouth watering and I must say It was really good. I hope I can go back one day, because it was THAT good.




After raiding the stores it was time for us to wind down and we went to bercy village, a nice foodcourt in the 12 the arrondissement of paris to take a glass of wine and then go to a movie. We watched Dunkerque and I really enjoyed it!




On sunday , we were back in green and cold Normandy and chilled in our house doing house stuff :p It’s sunday after all, a day were I clean , do the laundry and meal prep for the week.

I had some time to relax outside and sit in the sun which was greatly appreciated, here are some of the books I read in the sun.

And that’s it for the weekend folks.


To finish a nice little view from my garden, I can’t stop it, it’s so beautiful <3

See you next week!

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