A week-end in Saint-Malo – Part two

Hey guys !


I am back with part two of my series about Saint-malo. Back in spring of 2018 (I know, it’s now a long time ago). I went for two days to Saint-malo, a coastal city of northern brittany. It’s a great place to stay if you are also travelling to the mont-saint-michel which is really nearby.

Anyway, let’s get talking about my second day in Saint-malo.

We arrived on friday night, so we started visiting Saint-malo on saturday morning. My brother and mum were joining us at noon so we took profit of our morning to tour the city a little bit.


A tour of the city

The first thing we did was to walk on the ramparts. All around the old city centre, there are fortifications that where designed by the famous french architect Vauban. The fun part about it : you can hop on those fortifications and take the whole tour of the city on it. It’s really a great thing to do to see the city and the sea at 360° around you.

Here are some pictures of our walk. It was somewhat greyish but we enjoyed the views nonetheless.






Spice shop

After that we visited the city centre which is great for shopping , and has a lot of nice houses / old buildings to see.

We particularly loved one boutique in the city centre . It’s a spice shop. Saint-Malo was once very well known for being a main hub for the spice market. Being a port, the vessels would bring back spices from the french colonies for example. A well-known french chef : Olivier Roellinger uses a lots of spices in his cuisine in memory of Saint-malos former business.  This spice shop sells the spices he uses for his cuisine.

It’s really a wonderful shop with tons of different spices to try from. The name of the shop is “épices   Roellinger” . Those are great gifts to bring back for family and friends.

I treated myself to 4 different spice blends that I use in the preparations I make. I really recommend them.




Sand Yacht

In the afternoon I wanted to do something special for my birthday. I like going on a week-end in a new city but I often find myself moving less when I am out and about and I regret that. So I wanted a sporty afternoon.

I had heard that in the region it was possible to do some sailing, but at the end of march the weather is not so warm in Brittany and I was afraid to get wet on a sailing boat. Instead I found an activity that implies the use of wind but on the beach :sand yacht !!

My boyfriend had already done it before and he told me it was a fun activity to do, I also knew my brother would be happy to try it out.

At around 2 pm we gathered to a beach at 20min away from saint – malo and joined a group of people to get some explanations about how to ride a sand yacht. Apparently it is pretty easy but it demands some tact in the use of the wind you have on hand.

After two or three tours with our sand yacht, we understood how to board the sail and we were going faster and faster.

I really loved doing sand yacht and I definetely recommend it for a fun activity by the sea if you don’t want to get wet.

Here is the address of the club were we rented the sand yacht and got some information about how to ride it 🙂











And that was it for saturday !! that’s already a lot  :p, we were exhausted after our little afternoon sand yachting.

Be sure to come by tomorrow for the visit of the aquarium and a very good restaurant to try out in Saint-malo



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  1. Welcome back! I hope life has been treating you well! That coast looks gorgeous, and I’ve never been sand yachting, but that looks like so much fun!

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