A week-end in St Malo – Part one

Hey guys ! Hope you guys are doing fine , I am 🙂

This weekend was my birthday and to celebrate me and the boyfriend got to hang out in St Malo for two days. It was really great : relaxing, fun and a lot to see.

We both took our afternoons off at work to arrive early in St Malo ( which clearly did not happen ^^) . But we arrived around 8.30pm on Friday evening were we settled in our hotel ” le chateaubriand “.
It’s a very nice hotel with rooms that have a sea view and very well located inside the old city of St Malo !

Here are some pictures of the Hotel.

Those pictures are all from the hotel’s website (link). Fun fact, this hotel is named le ” Chateaubriand” because RenĂ© Chateaubriand a famous french writer/ politician from the 19th century was actually born in the hotel a mere 300 years ago.

It’s being renovated at the moment so some rooms have a new modern touch and others are a little on the older side but it was a good place to stay.

The hotel has two restaurants

– la brasserie du chateaubriand
– le cinq ( which is a rooftop restaurants with view all along the seaside socool : unfortunately it was closed when we were there…).

I am certain it will be even better when everything will be renovated and modern for the summer !

The hotel has rooms overlooking the sea : ours had a sea view which was really great. This is the view from our room , ok, the weather was somewhat grayish , but it was better the next day :).  Still, the views were great, can you believe that the UK is far away on the other side of the channel ??


On the first night we arrived quite late so we settled in at the hotel very quickly and went straight to the restaurant. We arrived a little late ( a little after 9pm) and dined at a restaurant called ” deux degres ouest ” not a lot was going on in the restaurant and we were a little worried that they would not take us because we were late. Thankfully, they were nice enough to let us eat :).

I chose the restaurant because it has great reviews and because the chef seems to be a specialist of low temperature cooking which intrigued me.

I loved the restaurant for two reasons
  • The food was realllllllyyyy good and for a reasonable price
  • I was surprised with the spices they used which I loved . the taste was were different each time and the chef came to explain which ones he used which I appreciated 🙂




 Here is a nice overview of what we ate :
– “langoustine ravioles” in a spicy broth
– salmon cooked with the “low temperature method” and little veggies ( carrots and parsnips)
– pluma de pata negra ( a very good piece of pork), marinated and cooked for 18 hours with crisp cabbage
Everything was delicious.

All in one I would really recommend this restaurant if you go to st malo. If your looking for a good venue with reasonable price !

After the restaurant we headed back to our hotel and crashed pretty soon. I was really tired from my latest on call and needed the rest .

And that’s all for today !

Have you already been to St-Malo ? Do you plan to visit this city one day ?
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4 Replies to “A week-end in St Malo – Part one”

  1. Happy belated birthday! That hotel looks absolutely gorgeous! + gotta love reasonably priced + delicious food! :]!

    1. thank you ! yep reasonably priced and delicious food is the way to go!

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