Looking back on 2018 – Welcoming 2019

Hey guys,



Today I am looking back to the year 2018 to sum up the year and set a foot in 2019.

By the way : happy new year everyone , I hope this year brings you joy,happiness and lots of good moments with you’re loved ones.

Yesterday, I kind of started this idea of a blog post seeing all the 2018 recaps on instagram and decided to share my own. Go check my instragram stories @melizz_m if you want to see it.  I had so much fun doing it that I decided it needed a blog post of it’s own. So here we go ! Quick recap of the year 2018 in hopefully 12 pictures.


The year started with a great outdoors adventure. We went skiing in the alps with friends , it was great !!



we continued the white theme 🙂 , we were snowed in one or two days and even had fun making snowman


March :

The boyfriend turned 30, unfortunately I did not take a single picture of the evening, bummer. It was great though.  We also went to St-Malo for a week-end, for my birthday, that also is in march check out my recaps of the trip : part 1, part 2


We visited friends in Nantes for their housewarming party, we partied and stayed in the coastal region of Nantes to visit for 3 days. It was a great time to see friends we hadn’t seen in a while and it was nice to discover a new city in France that we never visited before. I really like Nantes ! recap has yet to come 🙂

This big wooden elephant walks and moves !! it is driven by a man, but the details are really wonderful. He even spits out water trough it’s nose :).




We stayed home a lot and I started a new rotation in the regional hospital of Rouen, it was a rough change. Here are some pictures of the city of Rouen which is a nice city to live and work in.


Starting a new rotation means : longer hours, and more on call days so time went a little more sparce + I was tired due to another event ( see later for details ;)). But I started a little garden project in the backyard. I grew carrots, salads, tomatoes, zucchini , parsnips, turnips, beetroots, onions, and I was so happy with it. But it takes some work :D. There are some I will definitely do again : aromatic herbs ( I use them for the kitchen all the time and they are really easy to grow), and tomatoes ( they are 10x more flavorful than the store bought and I really  had a lot this year!!).  The other veggies were not so good/ or not very cost-effective ( the grains costed me more than a kg of the veggies in the store for example).  Maybe I’ll do a full on post later on  to recap and explain what I’ll do in my garden for 2019 !


We went for a week in the south of France and enjoyed the soccer world cup which France won !


was a big month for us, some great news were shared with loved ones, we are expecting a little addition to our family for the month of february 2019. We are so happy !


I was   a big months in on call week-ends for me ( starting to see a trend here :D), I started sewing with a brand new sewing machine my grand-ma gifted to me.



It was the month we went on our big vacation ( other vacations in the summer were spent at my families or my boyfriends families houses), we had a trip to Italy planned. Little did I know what would happen there , we got engaged!! It was such a nice surprise and I was so happy :). Now I have a lot to plan ahead haha




Six month after the draining semester at the regional hospital, it was the start of a new rotation  ( we change rotation every six month as residents in France). I quit obgyn , for family medicine ( with still an emphasis on obgyn). I wasn’t enjoying surgery anymore and really loved outpatient medicine the most. L&D did felt right with me but in France, obgyn only do “non-physiological” births : meaning instrumental births and c-sections mostly so I wasn’t pleased with that. I love when everything runs smoothly. Anyway I am happy with the change I made :).  A little picture of  the bump being 6month 1/2 pregnant.



We had a last trip to Caen for a little getaway before baby arrives and enjoyed family time for christmas.

All in one 2018 was a great year and I did not see the time fly by. They say it, but time really does fly !

2019 looks like is going to be an even better year . We have big plans aka : having a baby and getting married . So I am thrilled !!!

No resolutions for the next year, because I want to enjoy every moment of my pregnancy , the wedding planning and my change of orientation in family medicine.



What were the great highlights of 2018 for you ?

What have you planned for 2019 ?



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