A weekend in saint-malo – Part three

Hey guys , I hope your all doing fine

I am back with part three of my travel recap about saint malo, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the two first ones ! If you haven’t had the chance to read it here are the links  for the first two articles ( part onepart two)

For those who aren’t familiar with saint-malo, it’s a french city in northern brittany. It has the particularity of being at a strategic point at sea and has an interesting old city and plenty to do for a weekend.

After the first day ( saturday),  here we are on sunday.

As it was my birthday present,we had fun stuff planned. I received tickets to the Saint-Malo aquarium on christmas and that’s why we planned a trip to the aquarium on sunday morning.

Being a coastal city, Saint-malo has a lot to offer in marine biology, the aquarium is huge and is a fun idea for something to do when the weather is a little so so. It offers plenty to see for big and small. We were only adults attending but we still  liked looking at all the creatures the ocean has to offer. There is also a great advantage, it is pretty cheap for this kind of entertainment. I reckon it’s 12€ the entrance for adults.

The Saint-Malo aquarium




Lunch at the restaurant “Les 7 mers” 

For lunch we had booked a very good restaurant overlooking the sea. I love going to good restaurants and this one did not disappoint at all . I think I spend hours searching on blogs and websites for the best restaurants in a city before visiting them. Yes, I am a little obsessed with eating out 😀 . The name of the restaurant is les 7 mers .

It is the restaurant of a 4 stars hotel “ Le Nouveau Monde” , and the hotel seems like a good place to enjoy st-malo for a romantic getaway too. I also offers massages and has a spa in the hotel. But let’s concentrate on what we all love here , the food !!

Here is what I had for lunch , everything was really good and cooked perfectly. I wish I could eat like this everyday.

For starters I had

It was a salmon tartar with a green apple fruit leather.

And this is was my mum had , which also tasted delish. a scallop tartar.

Then I had

This is a dish of sea bass with young leeks. 

And to finish I had a little surprise and a hazelnut themed dessert , all very yummy .

I really enjoyed the moment, the views and the food. Really recommend if you go to saint malo. Beware though it’s on the higher side of the bill ^^

After lunch my mum and brother went back to their homes but we stayed a little bit with the boyfriend to enjoy the sea a little more. We walked to one of the near islands because the tide was low and enjoyed every last bit of the weekend . 

It was definitely a great getaway !!

Saint malo is really a must go if you are in the region.

And you, did you visit saint malo already ? Did you visit a nice restaurant recently ?

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