WIAW : salads and pancakes!

  Hey to you all! I have been cooking lately but did not feel in the mood for writing the recipes down. Anyway , I love seeing all what you guys eat so I am putting my eats online too. I always find inspiration in other people’s eats,so hopefully you’ll find some inspiration in mine too ;). Here is … [Read more...]

happy to be back

hey guys ! I am happy to be back and motivated to come here more often :). Last week I was just looking at my blog stats and was really happy to see that some of you still visit it ! So I decided I needed to come back for you and for me . Its been kind of difficult at my university recently and … [Read more...]

Fall spirit

Hey to you all! Long time no see, I hope everything is fine with you. Life was crazy around here and nowhere did I had the time to make any blog articles this past two weeks. Anyway today I wanted to cause I have some secrets to share with you about Paris! Just like every other day, I started my … [Read more...]

MIMM home decor and date night

Hello to you all! I hope you had a nice week-end and enjoyed it like you have to ! Mine was great even if I had to work on saturday morning. And because this weekend was marvelous I thouhgt MIMM would be a great kick off for the week. First of all, I wanted to apologize to the mess my blog was … [Read more...]


The weekend is already over and I am sad I need to get up so early tomorrow morning. Since 3 weeks now I started rotations in the dermatology ward of a Parisan hospital and it is really exhausting.My week-end was pretty random and very quick since I had to work at the hospital on saturday morning. … [Read more...]

Moving, running and pig feet

The two last weeks have been very fast paced.  I moved out and into my new apartment. I started college again and I started self-hosting my blog. Yes, all that at once. It speaks for itself that my time was counted, but , I made some new recipes as you can see here : There will be posts soon … [Read more...]

What I did lately

Hello people ! Hope you’re all doing well! Finally, I decided to write a mix match of everything i did lately. As you may have noticed, i was not very consistant in my blog writing this week. I started a blog and , two weeks later, just have written two articles. Well, that could happen. I knew … [Read more...]

Getting ready for a 10K

Today, I woke up with the strong feeling of wanting to achieve something. I have been running for some time now, but i have never participated in a race. Well today is the day i signed up for my first 10K!!   Yes i am going to run my first 10K on october 13th in Rennes , France! How exciting is … [Read more...]

About & first article

Hello to all!   Fellow blogreaders, friends and visitors!   This is my first ever blog article and hopefully not the last. First let me introduce myself. My name is Marie and I am a twentysomething girl living in Paris, France. I try to become a doctor and am now proudly entering my fourth … [Read more...]

XOXO Marie-Elise