14 good things about 2014 – 15 better things about 2015!


So today I’ll join the fun of thinking out loud. Let’s be a little reflective over the past year. II know, I know it’s 2015 already … but I have been thinking about all the good things that happened last year and so I thought this little list would be fun to review my past year and be grateful for all the good things that happened to me.

1. Run a race !
In October 2014 I ran a 10km. I was supposed to run two  races in 2014 but well… I must say it was my first 10k, which is in fact a big accomplishment. I had some IT band issues during the race, still finished it , am proud of myself. I remember wanting to die at the end of the race, but a nice young lady patted me in the back and said “ don’t walk, run”, so we ran together for the last km or so. A happy memory, one that will encourage me to do another 10km this year for sure.


Can you see the sweaty faces on the pic ? and my bib and medal haha.

And for 2015 ? My goal is to run at least two races!

2. Getting 10000 steps a day. My boyfriend offered me my withings pulse for my birthday and since then , I track my steps ( for the most part). It encourages me to move faster and to move more.


And for 2015 ? I want to continue using my  withings pulse, maybe get myself a GPS watch, but the goal here is to continue tracking my daily fitness!

3. Workout around 3 times a week. This year I must say is really the year I started to workout regularly. Working out became a healthy habit , it even became something I could not live without . It’s the year I could really feel that I am stronger after exercising. Best part of it ?  I really discovered that I am feeling good after a workout ( even if it.was only a 15 minutes one ).


And for 2015 ? Obviously I will continue to workout three times a week, but I will try to do more buddy workouts  and try  new classes/ fitness videos ( I always seem to go towards the same fitness videos)

4. Read more. After several Years of reading only on holidays, I enjoyed reading just for the pleasure of reading again. I think it’s a healthy way to unwind before going to bed. One thing that helped me with reading more is renting books at my local library, and asking for book as gifts !


And for 2015? Obviously continue reading, but I want to incorporate more non-fiction books and also blog about the books I read that were noteworthy.

5. Make puff pastry. Probably the most fun fact about my year ^^ people will tell you  that it is really difficult to make, that the whole process is very long etc etc
.. But one day I decided to try it after all and it actually turned out great 🙂 . Can you tell this random fact is really here just to make 14 points. Things we do to fit bullet points…

And for 2015 ? I actually have a cooking/ baking bucket list, yes things like that exist !

6. Getting rid of ” diets” well most part of it ! For years I would eat normally, then climb on the scale, be frustrated, go on a diet, and go on holidays and eat whatever I found. I had notions of “healthy eating” and still ate pretty “healthy” on most days. But what I did for a long time is when I felt bad in my body or felt bad about the number on the scale, I would take out food groups and “ be on a diet” which is kind of a stupid thing to do. This year I tried to focus more on hunger signals, trying to eat what my body would crave and stop when I wasn’t hungry anymore. It’s not perfect, but I didn’t turn down any cookie this year and I still managed to feel great ;).

collage healthy eats

And for 2015 ? Continue this way!


7. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep per
night. Maybe another advantage of my tracking device ? Anyway since I try to track my sleep more often now I try to meet my daily goals. I found out that since september I barely never sleep less than 7 hours  a night which is great, and feels great during the day!! I never feel sleepy, and I am more focused on what I am doing.!! But I  still wish day’s could be longer so I could sleep more, but also get more stuff done ^^

And for 2015 ? Try to get up every day at the same time, try not to sleep in to late on weekends to do more things. I am not sure about this goal, people tell me that sleeping in is not something that will last forever, so maybe I’ll just stick to trying to get up at the same time during weekdays.


8. See my family more often.  My brother and I both live in Paris now, so I tried to see him whenever I had the chance to . We also visited my sister and went to see my grandmother together (who lives a 5 hour drive from Paris).


And for 2015 ? Continue seeing my family obviously. But this year I want to try to speak more to my family, I am not meaning small talk, but ask my family about their childhoods, and the elderly about their lives. I feel like this is important to get to know your family better.

9. Enjoy Christmas with my mum niece and half sister


And for 2015 ? Do exactly the same! Feel blessed to be able to spend christmas with all my beloved ones.

10. Pass my year without having to retake any tests. Let’s just say that hard work pays off. I am crossing fingers that this will be the same for 2015

And for 2015 ? Study hard, be focused. Try to learn the material I need to know to pass my “qualifying medschool exam” at the end of med school next year.

11. going out less. Yup you heard it right ! But it is actually a good thing. It means you can have more date nights at home, you go to bed earlier and you’re not always very tired from your week-ends. It’s good to take time for yourself too. ( am I becoming kind of an introvert ??)

And for 2015? Be more spontaneous and don’t be freaked out when something is not planned^^

12. Enjoying the life with le boyfriend


And for 2015? Making projects for after I finish medschool in 2016?

13. This is the one and only “bad point” of my list. Because this list was all about the good things in 2014. One thing wasn’t. I still bite my nails. So for 2015, this is my only “difficult” goal  ( and kind of the only goal I have) : stop biting my nails.

Ha now it’s written down and all over the internet so, let’s hope it will  help me keeping myself accountable.

14. Being happy

15. for 2015 ? Embrace the moment


I wish you all a very happy year!

What was a good thing in 2014 that you want to continue to do in  2015?

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2 Replies to “14 good things about 2014 – 15 better things about 2015!”

  1. I recently got a fitbit but have been doing pretttyyy terribly with the 10k steps/day thing (it may or may not have to do with the fact that I don’t run. ._.) I love your goals! And I think the sleeping thing is but a distant dream for me at this point, but somedayyyy, I hope to have a more regular schedule again, hehehe.

    I hope you kick butt on your exams! <3

    1. the running doesn’t do all the steps. I only have time to run like once a week nowadays. Taking public transportation is giving me all the steps :). In paris you have to really walk between connections and it is giving me a free workout !

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