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Hey guys


Hope you are all doing well today ? It’s thursday and today is the day of Thinking out loud , hosted by the lovely Amanda at running with spoons. If you’re not familiar with the concept go over to Amanda’s blog to know more about the subject.


Today I have some things to ramble about so let’s dig right into it





Medschool is done !

Yeah for me. After 6 long years of studying the best I can I finally did it, my student years are finally over. I am very excited because I am starting residency soon but on the other hand I am also a little sad that the studying/clinical years are over.


I made great friends trough medschool. I loved all the things I learned, and let’s be honest, I also like to learn and study. How would it be possible to start medschool without liking to study a little bit haha. Any way , this chapter of my life is now officially over which will lead to the next topic





Starting residency in Rouen


I am starting an obgyn residency in November in Rouen, France. I am so happy right now. I am happy to change the city I am living in, excited to meet new people and also to start learning my true dream job. Guys, I am going to deliver babies , and be on call and do 24h on call shift :). Yep, it’s going to be intense.


I hope I’ll be able to recap some of my day to day life as a resident and share some insights on how it is to be a resident in France. If you’re interested in more articles about my medschool life please tell me in the comments. I am a little shy sharing details of my every day life but on the other hand I love reading articles about fellow medstudent days at school/intern year / residency. So let me know if you wanna read about residency in France.





blogname change


I changed my blog name. For some of you who came across my blog before I used to be, this does no longer exist. We now welcome lemoncrumbs ! I wanted a shorter name, without an emphasis on my content. I also wanted a nice and fresh start over. Hopefully this fresh start will allow me to blog more freely about random subjects.


I will continue to post some recipes, some day to day life posts , maybe some posts about travelling ( I travelled a lot in Europe and thought maybe you would like some tips/ ideas on the subject). I also wanted to talk about medschool in France/residency in France . Anyway, I hope you like my new name ! I am a big fan of lemons ( one lemon juice a day keeps the doctor away, isn’t that the saying? ). And the crumbs well that’s for the little tidbits of my life I’ll share :).




Running the Paris 20k

In one week now I am running the 20K of Paris . I am both excited and very afraid . I am not so well prepared : read 1-2 runs a week for 10 weeks. I admit it, I feel a little guilty with not following the training plan but at least I ran. On the other hand, I have run three long runs that are more than 10k in one month which is a big big accomplishment for me. Before, I ran only one 10K in my entire life. So we’ll take the little training + some mental game and try to finish this 20k strong. I am not seeking a time here, just trying to finish the entire run. Let’s hope it goes well! I’ll let you guys now.



Funny video about paris

After my ramblings, I want to finish on a funny note. I recently saw this video with some tips about visiting Paris. It’s english humor, but it’s so funny and some of this tips are really true and useful.  Enjoy !



Thanks guys for reading me ! And don’t forget to tell me in the comments what kind of articles you’ll like to see on the blog : travel articles ? recipes ? medschool posts ?


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2 Replies to “Thinking out loud – Residency and lemons”

  1. Yayyy! Congrats on starting your residency soon and best of luck to you! I just started my residency in family med a couple months ago and it’s been intense but awesome! I’m on my OB rotation right now, haha. I know of verryyyyyy few med student/resident bloggers (understandbly so), so I’d love to read about your residency in France! :] Looking forward to your travel + recipe posts as well! 😀
    Your new blog name is really cute!

    1. Thanks farrah !! I only start residency at the beginning of november ( why do they make us wait that long to start… I have no idea). I’ll try to post about medschool life in France then :). Good luck for your rotation in OB !

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