Life lately – A quick update on the last year

howdy how , how are you all doing ?

Like always :), I kind a sorta forgot about my little space of the internet for a little while. But when summer comes I feel the urge the need to reconnect with technology , is that weird? with it being summer and people wanting to be outdoors?


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Anyway here I am again for a certain amount of time and here is what has been happening to me in the last year (OMG)

Ok i’ll try to keep thing short and neat


After passing my end exam of french med school -> I talked about it here and there . You can compare it to a final step 1 examination that will determine where and what kind of specialty you match in residency. It’s actually a giant exam and we get a ranking depending on how we scored and the 1st one gets to choose his specialty and the city he is going to train in and then it all continues until the end of the list.


After that I had a whole 3 months off , kind of by myself , awaiting where I was going to match… which is ridiculous because you can not really make projects of any kind other than travelling around for a bit ).

SO I traveled , to europe mostly, I went to Barcelona (twice), had two bachelorettes parties, went to  french brittany (where I come from), did a windsurfing trip, a french riviera trip and traveled a lot for attending weddings.


All dolled up for the wedding


phew , that’s a lot 🙂 . I have some drafts about my summer laying around maybe I’ll develop the travel section of my little blog a bit ( this was one of the first reasons I wanted to start blogging too, to talk about my travels/ don’t forget my travel successes and fails  :p)



Then , as of november of 2016 I officially started residency !!!

In France we change rotation every 6 months and directly start by being residents. We kinda sorta are interns during our 3 year at the hospital during our 3 last years of med school.

Anyway. I am now a resident in OBGYN and I firstly started residency in the beautiful city of Le Havre.


Le havre seen from above


I loooooove my residency and I am so grateful to be able to deliver babies on a daily basis, I couldn’t have been more happier with my career choice. Being in Le havre was kind of challenging though . I did not live together with the boyfriend anymore + starting residency is a whole new adjustment that was not so easy to dive in I have to admit.



Recently I started a new rotation in another city which allows me to reconnect with the boyfriend. It’s a smaller , semi rural city and I really love it there.

ok so this is actually money’s garden, and it so happens to be like 6km from where I live now 🙂



In a few words this was the story of my last year, I know very quick.


On the blog. I do not know yet what I want to do with it. I like to know I have an outlet on the internet , but on the other hand , I do not really use it more than 3 to 4 times a year which is regretful I know.

I find that writing articles is a long process and I am never satisfied with my articles, especially the not so authentic tone that kind of stick out when I write recipes or ” useful” posts.

Lately, I also found that the blogging world is moving a lot. Bloggers use new media such as video, instagram , podcasts and so on to interact with each other and the one  article per day era is long gone.

I have been using instagram a lot lately and I kind of like the spontanous platform  that it is , so you might find more of my stories on there.

I hope I’ll find a good balance of social media and some blogging soon, I look forward to reconnect with the blogging sphere though

See you soon !!


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  1. I am visiting from the linkup. Congrats on your residency. And ooh I love that red dress.
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    1. Thank you !

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