Five things Friday

Hey y’all, since I am back and wanted to share tidbits of my life with you I decided to join the fun of a Five things Friday post !

Thanks Clare for  hosting !


Five things I Ate Lately

– Bruschetta !!


– Quiche


– Healthy woks


– Carnitas


And last but not least Ice cream 🙂


Five Workouts ( not completely five but, kind of )

Monday: Blogilates calendar => Killer legs day

Tuesday : Julianne Michaels Six pack abs

Wednesday : Hmm Rest

Thursday : Hmm Rest repeat

Friday : 3 mile run (still raining) summer shape up week 1 (fannetastic food +fitnessista)+ Slim waist popilates

Five reads/blogs

Apple of my life income report : I follow her blog since the beginning and I really enjoy how she tells us about  all the perks of blogging. Christine is always very transparent about how she monetizes her blog and why, and it is nice to see her progression, Go girl!!

Getting back on a healthy track : Because we all need to get back on track at some point 🙂

–  1000 lovely things : a new blog I stumbled upon recently and I am already in love with. Another non-englishspeaker, blogging in english.

– Because reading also includes books: My recent book , can’t seem to let it down.


– And a french blog : Yes I know, not everyone can read french. But I know for a fact that some of you studied french in college so please go check it out. This blog is about cooking but ingredient by ingredient. Like : how to use basil ? How to make great sandwiches ? How to make a good mayonnaise ? It is really well written in my opinion .

And Finally, Five things making me happy :

– Mallorca with my friends . Beautiful views, amazing people, perfect holidays :). Maybe I’ll make you a recap in the following days.


– I passed !!!!! I am now officially in my 5th ( of 6) year of french medschool ! I am soooo incredibly happy !!!!! Yes because, if you fail you can still go to the “rattrapages” which are a kind of rebound exam ( don’t know if those exist anywhere else) . Anyway I am free, I don’t have to study in the afternoons after rotations and it feels soo good . Please don’t see me as a freak, I am only an overpressured medschool student 🙂

– This weekend is French national day ( 14th) of July !! I have friends from my hometown coming to Paris, it is going to be so much fun.

–  I am always excited when I am starting new shows to watch and I recently discovered remedy ! A new medical show( yup loving it even if I do only medical stuff all day long).


– My daily cup of coffee. Its pouring rain in Paris since I came back from mallorca, this weather just makes me crave for coffee !

Enjoy your friday friends!

See you soon !


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