WIAW – eggs and salad

Hey all! It is wednesday and time for What I ate Wednesday ! Thank you Jenn for hosting!


Summer calls for big salads! And that’s what I have been eating everyday for lunch basically all week.

I usually use a protein base :

– bacon, eggs, shrimp, chicken or whatever is avalaible

– I mix in some greens: salad, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers

– And finally add some nuts for crunchiness and a dressing. I usually mix water, a teaspoon oil, a teaspoon balsamic vinegar and a teaspoon mustard ( this is for one person).

There you go, an easy lunch salad. As I often like to eat a piece of bread with cheese with my salad, I don’t add any carbs to mine. Plus I ate more at dinner (you know when your boyfriend makes you eat more than you should^^)

Anyway some pictures of said salads

Chicken filet, yellow cherry tomatoes, carrots, and scrambled eggs.


Carrots, cucumbers, raisins, cottage cheese with thai dressing and some lebanese appetizers


Some snack pictures : carrot cake I made for the party on sunday night ( but I didn’t took any fancy pictures)


Breakfast !! eggs and toast



Some greens with a side of quiche ( not the best one I made : spinach and bacon quiche)


A buckwheat crepe with an egg, cheese and tomates. On the side cucumber tomatoes and aragula with yogurt dressing


Bon appetit my friends

What did you ate lately??

And be sure to come back tomorrow for my new recipe!


Have a nice day!

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2 Replies to “WIAW – eggs and salad”

  1. Buckwheat crepes? They sound awesome. Do you have the recipe by chance?

    1. on the pictures those are store bought buckwheat crepes . but i do make them myselve sometimes ! here is the recipe ( for 6-10 buckwheat crepes, depending on the the width of the skillet). mix 250g buckwheat flour with one whisked egg. Mix with 250ml of water + 125ml of milk and 1 spoon of oil ( a high heat one). First mix flour and egg and then add slowly the liquids ( it should be very liquid in the end same as crepe batter). and then cook thel in a skillet just as you would with crepes! ok , so i hope this is useful . but i’ll try to make a crepe post soon !

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