WIAW – Random tasty eats

  Hey guys ! Long time no see ! And what better way to reunite with this little blog than trough a wiaw post. As always thanks jenn for hosting As you might guess I have been quite busy lastly. School is on again,I started a new rotation in rhumatalogy and I really wanted to … [Read more...]

WIAW – lettuce wraps

  Hey all! This week has been, well a week full of treats I made for colleagues and friends ! On the other side I tried to maintain healthy dishes in the mix and this week was all about the lettuce wraps. And because I loved my wraps and I know you will to I included the recipe at the end of … [Read more...]

WIAW – Cantaloupe and randomness

Hey guys! Hope your week is going by as quickly as you want it to be.  Today is wednesday so I am linking up with jenn at peas & crayons for What I ate wednesday ! Normally, I share a mix and match of my recent eats of the week, but today I tried to be honest and photography what I ate in … [Read more...]

WIAW – eggs and salad

Hey all! It is wednesday and time for What I ate Wednesday ! Thank you Jenn for hosting! Summer calls for big salads! And that’s what I have been eating everyday for lunch basically all week. I usually use a protein base : - bacon, eggs, shrimp, chicken or whatever is avalaible - I … [Read more...]

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