WIAW – Cantaloupe and randomness

Hey guys!

Hope your week is going by as quickly as you want it to be.  Today is wednesday so I am linking up with jenn at peas & crayons for What I ate wednesday !

Normally, I share a mix and match of my recent eats of the week, but today I tried to be honest and photography what I ate in one day.



Anyway here are my monday meals!


I am aware that this is a very green breakfast ! Cantaloupe, plums and two avocado toasts.



A piece of my healthy quiche lorraine, with salad on the side. A bowl of tomatoe/zucchini gaspacho


Snack :

Cucumber with green dressing dip, the same as for breakfast :). The green dressing dip is a mix of avocado, greek yogurt, shiracha and several herbs ( coriander and mint).



A little more on the creative side, even if it does not look like it. I made “turkey lettuce wraps” . I mixed turkey breast with one onion, and i let it cook on low for 15minutes with a little water, shiracha and savora (which is a mustard with spices inside). When the sauce was reducing a bit I added 4 or 5 halved cherry tomatoes and added mexican spice. In the end I added cooked rice when there was still a little simmering and voila, a delicous turkey wrap.



And thats  it for today! What did you eat today ? And do you have a secret ingredient that you put in all your sauces/dip like the savora for me ?

Have a nice day!

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