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Hey guys !

Long time no see ! And what better way to reunite with this little blog than trough a wiaw post. As always thanks jenn for hosting

As you might guess I have been quite busy lastly. School is on again,I started a new rotation in rhumatalogy and I really wanted to benefit from the fall weather to go running regularly.

Anyway during the summery month of september, I was happy to visit my farmer’s market every saturday morning ( or tried at least) and I meal prepped / meal planned around the fresh produces I found. So i am glad to share the results with you.

let’s start with breakfast shall we ?

chocolate banana greek yogurt bread  ( from cait’s blog )with blue berries and quark with honey.


Oeuf à la coque from  a saturday morning, read: where I had some time to make a soft boiled egg.



carrots and ” student mix ” which is basically a nut mix with raisins. I barely eat snacks, because I am kind of used to eating three meals per day, but when they happen, that’s what they look like.



my beloved lettuce wraps


I often cook veggies on sunday food prep  and I love to accomodate  those already cooked veggies with all my meals. By doing so I only have to add a protein and a piece of bread and I have a meal ready in seconds!



my favourite veggie mixes so far :

– bell peppers/zucchini / onions / garlic  love it with ” indian dressing ” : curry  powder a little mustard and a lot of spice (shiracha works good).

– zucchini/tomato / eggplant / onions /garlic with ” provencale dressing” -> provence herbs and a little sugar

– broccoli / bell peppers / onions /garlic with coconut dressing  add pecans, tamari a little honey and shredded coconut in the end

– leek with carrots

so plenty of ideas for a veggie stir fry, let’s be creative my friends!


marinated chicken breasts and sweet potatoe fries


slowcooker chicken with mushrooms with carrots and leek



homemade apple pie !!!!



And that’s all for today folks!

What did you eat lately?

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7 Replies to “WIAW – Random tasty eats”

  1. Lindsay @ The Functional FoodieNo Gravatar says: Reply

    That slow cooker chicken with mushrooms sounds really good. I definitely would like to try that out. Now girl, that apple pie is IMPRESSIVE. Seriously you should be proud of yourself. It is beautiful. I would love to eat some of that.
    Lindsay @ The Functional Foodie recently posted…WIAW on Yelp AdventureMy Profile

    1. thank you !! I did not think the apple pie would have such success. i’ll probably post the recipe next week!

  2. That’s a beauty of an apple pie. I bet the taste was unreal as well, huh? Have you tried topping it w/ a little vanilla ice cream & honey yet?
    Jessie recently posted…WIAW: Thanksgiving Day DessertsMy Profile

    1. yep it tasted pretty good but would probably have tasted even better with vanilla ice on top !

  3. I second Jessie’s suggestion! I love the look of your brekkies too – I haven’t had a soft boiled egg in ages and now I’m craving one – yolks make for the best dip ever 😉
    Cat Neligan recently posted…WIAW #53: A Meat UpMy Profile

    1. that’s exactly what i use it for. egg yolk dip , i don’t know a better thing 😉

  4. those lettuce wraps look extra tasty!!!

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