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Hey guys!! Hope you’re doing well ! My week was a quick one as I very busy studying for my genetics course ( I am doing a part-time graduate program in Biology in order to be aloud to do some research work when I’ll become a doctor later). And today was my final test, hopefully, it went well!

Anyway, today I wanted to share something different than just some random pictures from my week. It is not new to you that I am a total foodie. I love cooking, and I love food blogs … Even if I try to share some of my own recipes with you guys I also wanted to give you the opportunity to discover the best recipes I have found on the internet. Recipes I make over and over again when I want to impress people… :).

So here is my very own collection of recipes I have tested and approved!!!! I guarantee that these recipes will work if you make them, some of them I made already multiple times 😉

Sometimes, I just browse the internet looking for recipe inspiration and I try recipes out that really need some adjustements, well these recipes don’t. Please enjoy. And in the mix maybe you’ll discover some new to you blogs ( I doubt it, but you’ll never now)


Chocolate-covered-katie’s blog

THE first english written food blog I started reading, litterally. This blog made me discover the healthy living blogging world. Anyway the words “healthy” and “chocolate” were related which was completely new to me. I remember it very clearly. I was looking for a chocolate cheesecake recipe that was not too heavy. I craved a cheesecake, but wanted to create a recipe that did not hold 1000kcal a slice …. And that’s how I just stumbled upon katie’s blog.

I loved it, and I think I visited all the recipes on the blog. A lot of the ingredients she uses where a little weird to me. Chickpeas in desserts, what??? I tried some recipes out and I was in heaven. Thank you katie for making me discover the fact that desserts can be healthy. And most importantly that a GOOD tasting dessert is not neccessary made of butter,flour and white sugar (this was a revelation for me).

2 recipes I tested out and still make:

Healthy cookie dough dip


– The ultimate chocolate fudge pie


The lean green bean

Lindsay, a registered RD has a lot of recipes to offer. What I like most is in her recipes is the very short ingredient list and the very easy to make recipes. I love her “bean bytes” series, and “sunday meal prep” series ( great meal inspiration)  and all of her mexican oriented recipes

Here are the recipes I made that had quite success:

Whole wheat tortillas <- the simpliest recipe I found on the internet and probably the best one


Honey-mustard pork loin <- people rave about my porkloin everytime I make this 🙂



Okay so this, is not a foodblog per nature. It is THE healthy living blog that inspired me ( and maybe a lot of us ?) to start blogging. Anyway julie publishes very easy to make recipes from time to time and I love here very informal style :

Walnut oatmeal date balls <- I add dutch cocoa powder to the mix and it tastes sooo good


No bake granola bars <- easy to customize



Great healthy recipes and great articles about running and nutrition. There are lot’s of great recipes on this blog for sure, and i sure don’t have time to test them all out. What I like most on this blog though is that you can find tons of inspiration for healthy meals and also lots of advice on how to ‘’healthify” meals, snacks etc..

I don’t have THE recipe on that blog but I will link you to the health tips section and encourage you to look around

How to make healthy lunches <- inspiration is the key here 🙂


Apple of my eye

At first this blog was more about college life, workouts and giraffes. Anyway, I first stumbled upon this blog looking for fellow college student blogs to read ( I love stalking other people’s lives, especially when the’re studying science and are foodies like me). After some months, Kristine published some recipes and what made me try them out was obviously how beautiful and appetizing the pictures where. Watching the pictures will make you drool ^^. I thought that with such cute pictures, the recipes must be very nice too. And they really were!! Here are the recipes I liked and do from time to time:

Baked garlic parmesan fries <- simple and so good potatoes!! When I have people over for dinner I make them as a side dish for the pork tenderloin recipe I talk about today.


Honey lime shrimp and avocado salad <- simple and fresh salad



and here you are for my list of tested and approved recipes. Obviously I visit a lot of other foodblogs and will probably make a list of all the blogs I love and read on my blog one day. But for the time being , please enjoy these little gems :).

And because it is friday and I have five favorite food blogs I am linking up with clare for five things friday!

And you , what is your favorite recipe that you found on the internet and make all the time?




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3 Replies to “Friday favorites –Best recipes from food blogs”

  1. Brittany @ DulceVieNo Gravatar says: Reply

    I’ve been obsessed with all of the fall recipes right now 🙂 All those recipes look great too! Too many awesome things to make!
    Brittany @ DulceVie recently posted…Dog-Friendly Apple Peanut Butter Biscuit SmoothieMy Profile

  2. Lindsay @ The Lean Green BeanNo Gravatar says: Reply

    thanks so much for the link love and kind words! glad you like the tortillas!
    Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean recently posted…Sunday Food Prep Inspiration 82My Profile

  3. Diana @sosmallsostrongNo Gravatar says: Reply

    I love this bloggers! Great round up.. I’m going to have to look into Fannetastic Food!
    Diana @sosmallsostrong recently posted…Quick and Easy Homemade ApplesauceMy Profile

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