Northern Brittany trip

Hey guys!

I hope you’re all doing great ! As you maybe noticed,I was on holidays for a while and I really  had a great time visiting family and friends all over France. . Last weekend I went to brittany  with the boyfriend and we enjoyed the beaches, the calm surroundings, happy hour cocktails and a tennis game.

If you’re looking for a place to visit in France I would highly recommend Brittanny for its tranquility and wild landscapes. The weather can be changing temperatures are not the warmest of France, but if you like hiking, sailing or outdoor sports it is really a great place to go to. The beaches are very well preserved and you will feel like all the beaches are for you since the tourists are pretty much all in the southern part of France.

To convince you to go, I snapped some pics of my stay. Keep in mind that I am not a professional photographer 😉


This is a picture of the beach in April. The sky is grey, but we had all the wilderness just for ourselves 🙂



And this is the same beach in the summer. Not to many people there, so you can enjoy the tranquility.


Enjoying summer at the beach

Britanny is also very well known for its gastronomy. You all know crêpes ? Well they come from french brittany. You will find crêperies in nearly every village you’ll find. Brittany is also known for its seafood. In some villages you can buy seafood directly to the fishermen.We have a lot of scallops, oysters and different shellfishes. Don’t forget to try a seafood platter!


Sorry for the blurry pic but this was a homemade seafood platter with whelk, langoustine and shrimps. So yummy!


And lastly, a pic from the château du Taureau (in the back) and a little island in the front where you can stay the night. You can actually go to the island in the front by foot when the sea is at a low tide. As you can see there are lots of little islands to explore !

And if you plan to visit brittany one day, here are some tips I can give you, if you stay in the region called the “tregor”, see map below

carte bretagne

And here are my advice for a stay in the area, click on the name to go the website of the restaurant, or the tripadvisor page where you’ll find the adress and some further advice.


“Le café du port”

A very traditionnal restaurant on a small harbour. Everything is fresh and homemade. I usually come here for the “moules-frites” which are so good. The view is nice too.

“La part des anges”

A little more intimate atmoshphere than the above restaurant. I would come here for dinner. The menu is half italian/ half local. Which is nice because you can mix antipasti platters and seafood platters. I would recommend the seafood platters here and would advise to come for a romantic dinner ;). The views on the sea are stunning too !

“Le puits de Jeanne”

This restaurant is in the countryside of brittany. As it is in an old farm the decoration has a rustic charm. Here you will eat very traditional dishes like the “ kig ha farz” and others. They also have guest rooms and offer wedding venues. Just visit the website for more information (I warn you , it is in french).

For all the infos I give you now there is a very nice website where everything I talk about is listed on. And good news, they have a french, english and german version ;).

Nice beaches:

“Les sables blancs” Locquirec , one of the 9 beaches of Locquirec. The one were the sand is the best and also located on the west side of Locquirec, meaning that you can see beautiful sunsets ( around 10pm in July… :)). This beach is the one pictured in my superb beach selfie.

“Beg ar fry” little beach with cristalline water, this one is located in a city called Guimaëc and you will find the road that goes to it near the village’s museum.

“plage du kelenn”, a nice beach in Carantec, where you’ll also find 4 different crêperies and restaurants to enjoy happy hour at the beach.

“plage du fond de la baie”, also in Locquirec. Beware, if you wanna swim come at high tide… If you wanna go fishing cockles come at low tide with a bucket and a rake and start digging


Caplan and co

A library and coffeshop all at the same time !


– Chapelle notre dame de la joie

– ecomusée de plouigneau

– hiking on the GR along the seaside. All along the coast there is a hiking path ( stunning views for a beautiful hike). This hike is known as the “chemin des douaniers”, meaning the “ customs man hike”. A long time ago, this is where people would watch the sea for boats to come to france. You can actually walk all around brittany on this hike.

– Chateau du Taureau

– Ile de batz

– Morlaix

For all these you’ll find plenty of information on this site


Ecole de voile (locquirec , Plougasnou, Carantec) : they offer sailing lessons, often for 2hours a day for 5 days a week. I used to do windsurfing there when I was younger.

Kiteskool : a kitesurf school

surfschool : I you wanna learn surfing in the easy waves of Brittany ( and yes, the water is warmer than the pacific ocean). They also do stand-up paddle, and you can rent surfing material too.


I hope you enjoyed this little trip in northern french Brittany!

Where did you go on vacation recently?

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