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Guys guys ! I have such exciting  news.  This summer,  i  am going  to do an  internship  in Montréal.  I  am  beyond  excited!!! And  i  just  wanted  to tell you  because i wanted  to take  my  little  blog overseas.  So  be  prepared for  travel  recaps,  restaurant  reviews and basically  fun  stuff  about  Montréal :). I have  always wanted to share  all of my trips and now I have the  chance to do it live so i’ll  just dig in.


In case some of you happen to be in Montréal during the summer i would be very happy to meet you! i’d love to meet fellow bloggers/ nice people who want to show me around town . i’ll be there from mid june until te end of july !


Here are somme funny facts I heard about montreal that I will discover there. Those are stuff I only heard  though the grapevine, so I think it is fun to post them now and to see if those are in fact, true when I get to discover Montréal,Quebec and Canada better. Just so you know, I did not read any of those facts while scrolling trough internet or on a guide, I did not have time for that yet. So fellow Canadians, I am really sorry if what I am about to say about your country now is false :), but I think it might be fun to compare when I come back from there.
1.I have heard that I really need to try poutine.  Hum, I know it is really not the season for it, but I will try it , I promise




2. Open air concerts!!! Is that true ?? people told me that during summer season a lot is happening in parcs (and there are many apparently in Montréal). I am so eager to go to them. And if you happen to know some stuff about cool happenings, please let me know!


NHM Nationaal Concert in Park Sonsbeek via photopin (license)


3. Again the topic of open air. My future roommates told me there is an open air public swimming pool in a park nearby !!! how coooooool , in paris there is like hum none ^^ so really looking forward to it.


4. Apparently, everyone is moving out/in on the first of July. It will be funny to see how that goes


5. I heard that people from quebec are very very nice( anyway, it’s simple when you compare to grumpy frenchmen;)).
6.  The heat in the summer, this is probably gonna change from rainy, not so hot Paris.


montreal “tam tams” via photopin (license)

7. bixi bikes. Holy cow, I am going to commute to work with a bike everyday. I really hope this is gonna be fun.

Bevy of Bixis via photopin (license)


8. That once I discover Quebec, I will not want to come back to France -> We ‘ll see 🙂


DSCF1414 via photopin (license)


Voila, here you have the facts I already know about Quebec. And I am so looking forward to discovering more.
Are you traveling this summer ? If you are, were are you heading to ?



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