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Hello to all!


Fellow blogreaders, friends and visitors!


This is my first ever blog article and hopefully not the last.

First let me introduce myself. My name is Marie and I am a twentysomething girl living in Paris, France. I try to become a doctor and am now proudly entering my fourth year of medschool and starting rotations ( medschool is quitly different in France). I recenlty moved back to Paris, and will move in together with my boyfriend in September.

On a daily basis i love to cook, run, have fun and hang out with my friends. I wanted to start a blog since a long time ago, but never really felt the motivation. Now that it itches me to write and join the blogging world here I am.


The reasons I started a blog:

  • I am a cooking addict and i love to create my own recipes, i really want to share recipes with the rest of the world
  • I started running fairly recently and I would love to join a race. Reading all those articles about running successes made me want to try to compete to, and i am sure writing about it will encourage me to get better
  • I love to travel! Sharing pictures and tips for travelling  is something i’d like to do. Moreover, writing articles about my different travels will make me remind me of the good times I had all around the world.
  • Have fun!!

And now is what you will and will not find on my blog!

What you will find:

  • Recipes
  • Restaurant reviews (mostly France)
  • Articles about my running story, my day to day life
  • Articles about my medical journey: this is something i really want to share but i am not sure whether i will or not
  • Articles about my attempt to being healthy ( and sometimes succeeding and sometimes not )

What is for sure is that I look forward sharing part of my life with you. Stay tuned for another article tomorrow !

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