Getting ready for a 10K

Today, I woke up with the strong feeling of wanting to achieve something. I have been running for some time now, but i have never participated in a race. Well today is the day i signed up for my first 10K!!


Yes i am going to run my first 10K on october 13th in Rennes , France! How exciting is that?



My running shoes are already excited i can feel :). But i am not ready at all.. the last time i ran was on july the 10th or something like this . So how am I gonna achieve to be ready in 6 small weeks? You tell me! But here are some ideas about how i ‘m going to tackle this race.

1. Try to follow a plan

I heard a lot of  good things about Hal highdon’s plans so I think I will try it for this time.

You can download the plans here

I already run 3 miles without any problem so I’ll probably start on from week 3 ( as hal highdon’s plan includes normally 8 weeks of training). Hopefully i’ll have enough courage to stick to the plan and to avoid cheating :).

2. Define a running objective

I run 3miles in 27minutes. So my objective is to run my 10 K under one hour. I hope i’ll be able to stick to it. I count on you guys to remind me of my objective.

3. Track progress

Nothing is more satisfying than feeling the progress in your legs. I remember the first time i ran two days in a row without my legs feeling sore, this was a great feeling. So to stay put with my objectives, i’ll track my time and most importantly feel the progress. For the moment i don’t have a GPS device that allows me to track my splits. So i only can feel it when my runs become easier, when i’m in  a mood for running more and so on. Tracking my progress will hopefully encourage me to run faster.

4. Have a running buddy

I am not the fastest runner, no, not at all  . So to improve my runnings I run with my boyfriend who is a kind of “i like to run too fast type”. This, I find encourages me to go beyond myself and run a little faster each time. Also, having a running buddy is very convenient to chitchat and makes it fun to run.

5. Get a doctor’s certificate

Without this, I am not aloud to run the race. So, let’s get myself checked up for running :).

 Photofunia Keep Calm#YNNjI7MNw0CTK1ydHm01Cg

There are certainly other key points to succeed in a first race.

If you are a runner, how did you prepare for your first race? Did you have a training plan ? Did you follow it?

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