MIMM home decor and date night

Hello to you all! I hope you had a nice week-end and enjoyed it like you have to ! Mine was great even if I had to work on saturday morning. And because this weekend was marvelous I thouhgt MIMM would be a great kick off for the week.

First of all, I wanted to apologize to the mess my blog was for some days of last week. I am working on a new design (which is not yet finished) and sometimes my blog was off. Sorry for that! It will be fixed soon. But without further ado…lets talk about this weekend

Marvelous is….A friday night date with my boyfriend

A month ago I moved in with my boyfriend and believe it or not but we did not have a lot of time to see each other. For that reason we decided that once a week, we would do something together , a date, watching tv, going out. It can be everything we want but we should hang out together. It can be difficult to believe that when you live together you don’t have time to see each other but it is actually not so easy. House chores are in the way, studying is in the way , sleeping is in the way!

Anyway, friday night my boyfriend told me he would organise a surprise for me . I was excited, I did not know what to expect and well it was great! He prepared some dinner for me ! And here is the menu:

Appetizer: sautéed shrimps

Entree: sole meuniere with mushrooms

IMG_20131025_222033Dessert: chocolate fondant

IMG_20131025_230712Here are the pictures! They’re not the best, but believe me it was very good! And with that we had some Champagne ! A marvelous dinner for a marvelous evening!


Marvelous is … decorating my new apartment

As a I said before, I recently moved in a new apartement. And until today I was still overwhelmed with moving boxes. As of today this isn’t the case anymore! Hooray!! I have got a nice dressing and great bookshelves and a neat and clean living room :). When all will be finished maybe i’ll take a picture of the whole room until then , you’ll get to see my new bookshelves


and my marvelous balcony 🙂


Marvelous is… shopping for home decor

Ok well it was not that marvelous. We spend about 1hour in parisian traffic to get to a big mall. Were we did not find what we want. All in one it was more exhausting than productive but we did find some stuff for our new apartement. Bedlamps, a toaster and a boiler and this all in grey shades. It seems like we are really going to decorate all our apartment in black white red and grey shades. Hopefully it will turn out nicely :). Anyway here are some fun deco stuff I found during my shopping afternoon. The theme is deer. Yes I know, weird. let me explain. One of my friends has a plaster deer in his living room ( yes this is design) . So i looked out for new friends for his plaster deer. A funny quest 🙂

IMG_20131026_182009 IMG_20131026_183116



And you , how did you spend you week-end ? Did you enjoyed spending time decorating your new home / college dorm / redecorating your home ?

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  1. Davida @The Healthy MavenNo Gravatar says: Reply

    Does your boyfriend have a brother? Damn he can cook! So awesome 🙂 I’m moving to a new place in January and am SO looking forward to decorating!

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