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Hey to you all! Long time no see, I hope everything is fine with you. Life was crazy around here and nowhere did I had the time to make any blog articles this past two weeks. Anyway today I wanted to cause I have some secrets to share with you about Paris!

Just like every other day, I started my day at the hospital at 9.00 o’clock ( ok so now you know this article was actually written on friday). I dealt with the patients and made some physical exams. If you want to picture what I do try to think about when Dr. House is at the clinic 🙂 . Except I am not Dr. House yet so an intern will supervise my work and show me how to do stuff if I do it wrong. AAAAAnd I think it is very embarassing for me and the patient to know he is my little guinea pig( physical examination is not painful huh don’t think about something weird :)). Anyway that is how we learn.

Every afternoon , I study , and I want to study hard ( or at least I try too) , but you know how things are, my computer is nearby I end up reading blogs and doing something totally different than I initially planned.  Then I have other stuff to do like, laundry, cooking, sending emails and so on. I just don’t understand how time goes by so fast. And without even knowing it is already 6P.M and I did not opened a textbook. Sounds familial anyone ?

Anyway today I did not care. First I finished early. And secondly I was meeting a friend for lunch.

The hospital I have rotations in is located in a very nice district of Paris called “ the canal St-Martin”  so I just walked around the district waiting for my friend to arrive. The canal is beautiful at this season with the fall colors and luckily for me it was not raining today so it was a nice walk next to the canal. If you come to Paris one day you should definitely visit this district of Paris. The piers are full of cute shops and restaurant and all of them are great, well maybe not all of them but it is not yet invaded by tourist traps. You can find about anything there from clothes to cosy restaurants to little coffee shops. For eating I recommend rue de Bichat, Quai de Jemmappes, Quai de Valmy, Rue des vinaigriers and Rue de Lancry. These are nearby streets so if one day you visit them you can easily spot them on the district’s map.


Astonishing views  of the canal today !

While waiting for my friend I did a little shopping and I found two perfect shops on the quai de Jemmappes.

The first one is called “ quai 71” and is located at 71 Quai de Jemmappes. It has shoes and nice dresses, tops and knitted stuff that you will find nowhere else. I did not buy anything but will definitely come back. The prices are affordable ( from 20€ – 70€ max) and they  have a lot of choice in what I call “ french fashion”. Moreover it is not a chain so I am sure no one else will be wearing what I bought there


The second shop was “ Karl Mark John” stock also on the quai de jemmappes. It is a French brand that offers nice jerseys in cashmere and silk ( which is their specialty) . They also have other stuff like accessories. The last past years this brand has known quite a success in France so I looked around If I couldn’t find something in the shop. As it is a “stock” you get 30% off the first article you buy and the more you buy the more you get off. In the end I bought a leather bag and a nice cardigan.


Finally my friend met me and we went to lunch in a adorable little coffee shop on the quai de Jemmappes name au Sesame.  I would definetly recommand it !! The food was really nice , and they had a lot of vegetarian and vegan option which is quite uncommon in France. But the best was the desserts. OMG this was a real winner !


I really loved that all the ingredients were fresh and that the vegetables in my salad were tasteful. All the vegetarian dishes were well cooked and believe me this is pretty uncommon in France were everybody seems to eat red meat at every meal. The salad I chose had honey marinated chicken in it and was drizzled with blue cheese vinaigrette. It was very tasteful. My friend had a  chicken and avocado bagel and it was perfectly seasoned. I also liked that the plates were reasonable enough for me to finish , the portions were the perfect size. I even had some place for the dessert ! Which was marvelous ! My friend had the brownie which was very smooth and rich and I had the carrot cake and it tasted very pumpkin spice like mmmmh. I will come back .

le sesame

The place itself was not big but the inside was very nicely decorated and made the atmosphere very cosy. You could either sit on normal tables or at the two different bars. One of them let you see trough the glass windows on the pier which is nice when you are eating on your own.  You can also take you lunch as a takeaway or come back in the afternoon for a coffee , or even a cocktail. The place is open from 12.am to 12.pm which I thought was absolutely great.


Anyway , this was a nice lunch! and a nice foodie discovery! now lets go back to work!

Students, how do you manage to study efficiently ? Bloggers, how do you find the time for blogging regularly ? And to everyone, did you recently discovered a nice place for a lunch ?

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