WIAW : salads and pancakes!

Hey to you all! I have been cooking lately but did not feel in the mood for writing the recipes down. Anyway , I love seeing all what you guys eat so I am putting my eats online too. I always find inspiration in other people’s eats,so hopefully you’ll find some inspiration in mine too ;). Here is what I ate yesterday, minus the coffees and teas and some almonds I had as a snack in the morning.


IMG_20140110_113316Banana protein pancakes with red berries. I used two eggs and  one very ripe banana and those were delicious with the red fruits.


IMG_20131218_135619Healthy appetizer: roasted banana with bacon slices. I had a lot of bananas that were ripe so another banana recipe. This was very simple to make I just sliced a banana and put the slices on a toothpick along with some bacon slices, i put it to roast in the oven and just took them out when they seemed cooked and nicely roasted.

IMG_20131210_150235 and a salad as a side. In the salad I mixed carrots, red cabbage, and cottage cheese along with baby spinach leaves.

Afternoon snack

IMG_20131120_073813 Classical greek yoghurt with chocolate muesli and almond butter sooo good.




Do you notice the minced chives just for the purpose of the photo ? haha I am trying to make things nice here  :). Anyway this was butternut and turnip soup along with sauteed brussels sprouts with bacon strips. A good and healthy filling dinner.

Have a nice wednesday friends, and I am looking forward to see your delicious eats!

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4 Replies to “WIAW : salads and pancakes!”

  1. Leigha@ MinougirlNo Gravatar says: Reply

    Ooooh I never thought of banana + bacon! The pancakes look so yummy too!

    1. you should definetely try bacon & bananas , its a weird association to think of , but its a good one .

  2. jessielovestorunNo Gravatar says: Reply

    Welcome to WIAW! It was fun getting a glimpse into your meals. The butternut and turnip sounds great & has such a warming color!

    1. thanks i hope i will be joining the wiaw fun from time to time !

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