Daytrip to Reims

Hey guys ! I hope the summer treats you right wherever your reading from me ! I am back with a little daytrip for you all. In the midst of my 3 month studying for my big ECN exam ( which happened actually last june ^^)  I really wanted a break from all of it. […]

Internship in Montréal

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Guys guys ! I have such exciting  news.  This summer,  i  am going  to do an  internship  in Montréal.  I  am  beyond  excited!!! And  i  just  wanted  to tell you  because i wanted  to take  my  little  blog overseas.  So  be  prepared for  travel  recaps,  restaurant  reviews and basically  fun  […]

WIAW – Random tasty eats

  Hey guys ! Long time no see ! And what better way to reunite with this little blog than trough a wiaw post. As always thanks jenn for hosting As you might guess I have been quite busy lastly. School is on again,I started a new rotation in rhumatalogy and I really wanted to […]

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