Health goals

Hey people ! Here I am again ! I hope you all had a super weekend :). I went to my inlaws and it was a refreshing and nice weekend. Sadly, I did not take any pictures (oops blogger failure). But that is not important because I have other great stuff to share. It’s been a while now since I try … [Read more...]

WIAW – Cantaloupe and randomness

Hey guys! Hope your week is going by as quickly as you want it to be.  Today is wednesday so I am linking up with jenn at peas & crayons for What I ate wednesday ! Normally, I share a mix and match of my recent eats of the week, but today I tried to be honest and photography what I ate in … [Read more...]

Treat yourself tuesday – flowers and friends

Hey all! How have you guys been doing this week?  I am doing pretty great so far! I hope you all treated yourself greatly this week, at least I did! Here is how I treated myself this week! And thanks becky for the linkup! I treated myself to …. seeing friends and family! Lastly, I … [Read more...]

Life in pictures – Walking through paris

Hey people !! hope you’re all doing great! I am :). this week I decided to join the fun of a new series hold by the lovely Linda. It is perfect for when you don’t want to write a wordy post but you do want to share tidbits of your life. Exactly the way I feel today, so here I go and share some … [Read more...]

Healthy french cooking – Quiche Lorraine

  Hello guys ! Hope you’re doing well !! Today I am really excited to share a recipe with you! It is a french classic, a recipe that is transmitted from generation to generation, let me present it to you . Today I am sharing my mother in laws recipe of the Quiche Lorraine !! Normally, Quiche … [Read more...]

Five things friday – Five things about me

Hey and another friday is here again :).  Today I wanna share some random facts about me. Because I love reading about my fellow bloggers lifes, I want to give you some excerpts of mine. Thanks Clare for hosting FIve things friday! So here we go with five facts about me   1. I love … [Read more...]

Italian Bruschetta

Living in a big city makes warm weather really difficult to support for me. Florida people, and warm country living people, I admire you, really! The warm weather really makes me craving for refreshing salads. But I always enjoy a little something to bite from and I especially love it when my salad … [Read more...]

WIAW – eggs and salad

Hey all! It is wednesday and time for What I ate Wednesday ! Thank you Jenn for hosting! Summer calls for big salads! And that’s what I have been eating everyday for lunch basically all week. I usually use a protein base : - bacon, eggs, shrimp, chicken or whatever is avalaible - I … [Read more...]

Week-end recap – Treat yourself Tuesday

Hey folks! Hope your week is  off to a great start! Mine is, I started working again today after 3 weeks of holiday ( I know, I know, lucky me). And am glad to be back ! Today I am linking out with becky at Olives N wine ,because my whole week-end was kind of a treat in my … [Read more...]

Five things Friday

Hey y’all, since I am back and wanted to share tidbits of my life with you I decided to join the fun of a Five things Friday post ! Thanks Clare for  hosting ! Five things I Ate Lately - Bruschetta !! - Quiche - Healthy woks - Carnitas And last but not least Ice cream … [Read more...]

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