Thai green curry

  Since yesterday it's officially fall ! The temperatures have started to cool ( a little ) on my side. And cooler temperatures means warm dishes!! I wanted to try a new recipe involving a stew-like dish. But I wanted something more exotic . I came across green curry paste at the supermarket and … [Read more...]

Internship in Montréal

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Guys guys ! I have such exciting  news.  This summer,  i  am going  to do an  internship  in Montréal.  I  am  beyond  excited!!! And  i  just  wanted  to tell you  because i wanted  to take  my  little  blog overseas.  So  be  prepared for  travel  recaps,  … [Read more...]

Simple french apple pie

Hey guys!   How are you all doing today? I hope you all survived through my very wordy post from Thursday. Today I want to share my recipe of the apple pie which is the simpliest recipe I will probably ever share ^^. But because some people requested it, and because we all love simple … [Read more...]

14 good things about 2014 – 15 better things about 2015!

  So today I’ll join the fun of thinking out loud. Let’s be a little reflective over the past year. II know, I know it's 2015 already ... but I have been thinking about all the good things that happened last year and so I thought this little list would be fun to review my past year and be … [Read more...]

Five things friday – 5 fit ideas

Hey guys!   To finish this week on a healthy note I wanted to talk about 5 favorite friday fit ideas!!  I did some of them already during the fall season, but I wanted to share some fun  health tips with you guys. As it’s friday I am sharing with clare! 1. joining the elf4health … [Read more...]

WIAW – Random tasty eats

  Hey guys ! Long time no see ! And what better way to reunite with this little blog than trough a wiaw post. As always thanks jenn for hosting As you might guess I have been quite busy lastly. School is on again,I started a new rotation in rhumatalogy and I really wanted to … [Read more...]

Friday favorites –Best recipes from food blogs

Hey guys!! Hope you’re doing well ! My week was a quick one as I very busy studying for my genetics course ( I am doing a part-time graduate program in Biology in order to be aloud to do some research work when I’ll become a doctor later). And today was my final test, hopefully, it went … [Read more...]

Northern Brittany trip

Hey guys! I hope you’re all doing great ! As you maybe noticed,I was on holidays for a while and I really  had a great time visiting family and friends all over France. . Last weekend I went to brittany  with the boyfriend and we enjoyed the beaches, the calm surroundings, happy hour cocktails … [Read more...]

25 things you don’t know about me

  Hey people, it’s friday again! Today I was in the mood for filling a survey since I love reading them on other people’s blog. I read this one on tina’s, julie’s and Diana’s blog already and decided to give it a shot as always Because it’s friday, I am linking up with clare at fitting … [Read more...]

WIAW – lettuce wraps

  Hey all! This week has been, well a week full of treats I made for colleagues and friends ! On the other side I tried to maintain healthy dishes in the mix and this week was all about the lettuce wraps. And because I loved my wraps and I know you will to I included the recipe at the end of … [Read more...]

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